Key Challenges

JDSi has implemented the following solutions to overcome key challenges:


As part of JDSi’s safety management system, a ‘safety in design report’ was provided to the Client confirming that safety had been considered throughout the design process and identifying areas requiring consideration during the construction works. The construction works for stage 1 included high risk tasks such as demolition and remediation works, these works have been completed without incident and injury.

Schedule and Budget

To achieve the Client’s delivery requirements JDSi quickly got up to speed enabling the forward works package to proceed to tender within a few months after being appointed as the lead engineer. JDSi liaised with the Water Corporation to progress the approvals process for wastewater and water contracts via mains extension works due to WAPC conditions not yet being available. These actions along with proactive contractor management enable the construction works to be completed on time and within budget.

Bulk Earthworks and Remediation

The Bulk Earthworks design required incorporation of basements with consideration given to the finished basement levels provided by the architects and the existing verge levels around the site. Also through environmental testing it was discovered that a large portion of the site contained uncontrolled fill. As the superintendent JDSi managed the site remediation in consultation with the environmental scientist to ensure new super lots sites were fit for building construction.

Stakeholder Management

JDSi liaised with Police and Community Youth Centre (PCYC), Claremont Football Club, Town of Claremont, WA Police and other relevant authorities to ensure all Stakeholders were kept informed of the required works. Engineering approvals were obtained from local and service authorities
in a timely manner to enable tender and construction works to proceed.

Dust and Air Monitoring

Demolition of existing structures and removal of contamination material were managed through implementing dust and air monitoring throughout the earthwork and demolition contracts.