Safety in Design is key to our design philosophy and is underpinned by our related ancillary services which include, but are not limited to, electrical earthing design, soil resistivity testing and electromagnetic interference investigation using internationally recognised software.

We welcome the opportunity to apply our engineering knowledge and innovative thinking to overcome the most complex electrical engineering challenges.

Professional Electrical Engineering

Professional Electrical Engineering
  • Underground Distribution Design
  • Street and Area Lighting Design
  • Underground Distribution EPCM
  • Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Earthing Design
  • Electromagnetic Interference Investigation (EPR, LFI, Electrostatic Discharge)

Engineering Support Services

Engineering Support Services
  • Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Earth Resistance Testing
  • Current Injection Testing
  • Differential GPS Surveying
  • HV/LV Testing including VLF

Other Engineering Services

Other Engineering Services
  • Network Asset Condition Reviews
  • Overhead Distribution Design
  • AS 7000:2010 Compliance Audit
  • Network Asset Management System Review
  • Network Performance Audit
  • High Voltage Submission

Underground Power Design

JDSi has the ability to demonstrate deep experience in new and retrospective underground power reticulation design to electricity network supply authority specifications. Our team of technical specialists are drawn from the electricity industry public utility and private sectors. Our depth of design, construction, maintenance and operations of underground power systems translates to design efficiency and safety in design excellence.

Earthing Design & EPR/LFI Assessment

With a team of highly experienced and formally trained earthing engineers, JDSi prides itself in having superior capability in soil electrical resistivity testing, earthing design, earth potential rise and low frequency induction investigation for transmission and distribution infrastructure. We utilise world benchmark engineering software ‘Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Fields, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis’ (CDEGS) in all our analyses, studies and investigations that meet rigid standards of IEEE, IEC and AS/NZS.

Soil Resistivity Testing

JDSi’s extensive experience in soil resistivity testing can provide accurate results and add value to your earthing design and analysis. With our modern test equipment we can quickly respond to your design requirements and assess soil structure vital to your earthing design and earth potential rise and low frequency induction (EPR/LFI) investigation.

Lighting Design

JDSi has in depth experience in road and public space lighting design services that are fully compliant with the latest Australian standard of AS 1158. We collaborate with network authorities and government agencies to ensure that our solutions meet all regulations and policies. Our engineering designs cover identification of right lighting categories, illuminance levels and uniformity including safe and efficient low voltage distribution design.

Renewable Energy Engineering

JDSi provides engineering designs for grid connected photovoltaic systems that cover anti-islanding protection and reverse power flow monitoring and control. Our close collaboration with the network authorities and energy industry has enabled us to provide end to end solutions from design to commissioning. Our team of engineers has wide experience in solar PV systems for grid tied, off grid and hybrid applications.

Overhead Distribution Design

JDSi has a team of specialists in network design with vast experience in project management and delivery of power infrastructure projects for network supply, network upgrades and reinforcement, power quality upgrades, overhead to underground conversion and asset relocations. Our engineers and designers have extensive knowledge of Poles N Wires, Microstation and a compendium of proprietary software tools that can ensure quick delivery of design requirements.