Because we own and run our business, we appreciate the commercial factors involved, and the need for timely, effective and efficient solutions.

1 Jason Gray

Founding Director

Jason has extensive experience working on projects in remote parts of Australia and is highly regarded for his expertise in navigating engineering complexities in the North-West. He has a comprehensive approach to cost-benefit analysis, which translates into practical deliverables for our clients. Jason is responsible for quality management at JDSi, ensuring consistent quality standards at an industry-leading level.

2 David Hellmuth

Founding Director

David has achieved a solid reputation for successfully completing complex government brownfield developments throughout Western Australia. Thanks to David’s commitment to productive client and stakeholder relationships, JDSi is now considered an industry leader in brownfield development. David manages our strategic growth and human resourcing with a view of maintaining our reputation of competence and success.

3 Steven Foley

Founding Director

Steven is well respected for being at the forefront of developer planning and acquisition strategies. With his involvement, our clients can concentrate on growing their business portfolios knowing that every aspect of their project has been considered and thoroughly assessed. In his business development capacity, Steven is responsible for maintaining the highest level of service to our current and future clients.

4 Mick Beaverstock

Founding Director

Mick is our principal civil engineer and has a strong track record in delivering complex projects across Western Australia. His experience in mining, local government and land development sectors enables us to provide high-standard engineering solutions to non-standard industry problems. Mick oversees the operational framework of JDSi, making sure that we continue to deliver projects in line with our core values.

The Directors are backed by a team of professional staff with extensive experience across a wide variety of construction, project management and design domains.

JDSi has a proven track record of employing and retaining quality, experienced professionals and has grown to over 55 staff. We enjoy a low staff turnover rate as a result of the stimulating and rewarding environment we create for all employees.